My experience with the Bodycode was quite overwhelming in a positive way! Prior to my sessions with Anna, I was experiencing severe anxiety attacks, frequently – at least 3 times a day. Directly after my first session I haven’t experienced one anxiety attack! I do recommend Anna’s services to my close friends and family as the benefits have been incredibly beneficial to my everyday life. Anna has completely changed my opinion through experience with her healing methods – Thanks Anna, you rock

Bec A

I would like to recommend Anna Koller as a very astute body code practitioner. I was blown away by the steady results particularly in settling my adrenals and nervous system. I was going through a very tough time when I was seeing Anna regularly, and I felt so much clearer and settled in my outlook and being, after our sessions and beyond.


After several years of diminished immunity and chronic exhaustion I was beginning to lose faith. No traditional diagnosis was being offered by doctors and specialists and I was labelled as having ‘post viral fatigue’; ‘chronic fatigue’; or ‘adrenal fatigue’. I was beginning to think that doctors imagined me a hypochondriac.

I started to recognise that my body was always in fight & flight mode, my adrenals were exhausted, creating health issues and severe allergies. Valium, anti-depressants and antihistamine were an adequate but temporary band-aid. Doctors removed my tonsils, offered more and more anti-biotics and encouraged extensive dental work to remove possible causes of sickness.

Chinese herbs and homeopathy offered the best results for a while until I came upon the Body Code offered by Anna. The practice made little sense to me at first but I was willing to try it based on a friend’s recommendation – I’m so glad I did! Anna worked to remove emotional blockages and I left feeling relaxed & truly happy. I noticed differences immediately and, over several sessions, my body healed and lost it’s defensive state. It’s as if my body has changed and now knows that it is now ok to be happy and well.

Thank you Anna for making such a powerful & uplifting change to my health!


My experience was a very good and rewarding one I’m sleeping better my migraines have been cut down to such a minimal I’m only getting them once a week at most compared to suffering every day from them,( except for when I’m hungover of course 😉) and my anxiety attacks have stopped completely and finding myself coping and actually enjoying social situations my social anxiety has pretty much vanished! feeling great all round Thank you so much Anna very happy to be a part of your work and I have been and will continue to spread the word about what you do and how beneficial it truly has been to me 😊💕 xoxoxxx


I found you a dream to work with as I felt very comfortable with you & you were warm, receptive & clear. I think perhaps my case is complex & therefore perhaps more challenging to work with as there are so many layers etc…but I know there are areas that you have really helped me in… I definitely felt a shift before I went to NZ that helped me feel less inhibited / more confident in myself… & my ex left town not that long after we had the session when we were trying to untangle his energy from mine! I did also start dating someone about a month ago but recently ended it as I saw a few red flags (the good thing is that I responded to them instead of ignoring them!)


From the first appointment after you explained what the Bodycode was all about I was intrigued. I found the whole process fascinating as well as me being able to see results. Results weren’t until about 3 treatments later. My severe pain behind my left eye went away for longer periods of time. After a few treatments, if I did get the pain back it was nowhere near as intense, it was a lot more of a dull ache and for shorter periods. I have since had the pain about 2 times in the very severe state since your treatments and sometimes I can feel a faint pressure but the pain doesn’t follow. So in conclusion it has helped a lot, thank you!

I trust the process so much now that if for some reason the pain comes back as severe as before then I will book in for a couple of sessions with you as it’s seriously the only thing that has helped me! And in regards to your manner and professionalism, you are someone people can relax with immediately. You explain everything very clearly and I felt at ease from the first treatment.

Bec G

I would recommend everybody in the world to do this type of healing work on themselves and perhaps then we wouldn’t be destroying the planet. I have be doing this healing with Anna and have found it amazing. I had one session where I was in so much pain before i went to see Anna, I would say it was a 9 of out 10 and when we we had finished the pain was completely gone. both Anna and I broke into tears after the session. I have a facial tumour and I knew last year something was wrong but it was still not diagnosed. Many of the sessions were about my heart wall and a lot of things from my childhood and past traumas were coming up.

I feel that over the time I have been seeing Anna that I have an understanding of what the body holds onto and I now can feel when things are not right or out of balance. The work that Anna does with my heart wall is so interesting, I feel so much lighter and am able to address issues in my life that I would normally not even notice. I have found that over the sessions I have done with Anna, I have become more grounded and aware of what is happening inside of me as well as outside. All these small changes and big life changes would not have been possible without Anna and the body code.

Anna has taught me so much and has a beautiful approach with her sessions, where she makes you feel open and safe.she has taught me so much and it really works. I will continue seeing Anna for healing sessions as I now know that the body holds onto trauma and I believe that is where we get diseases such as cancer and tumours etc. My story is only half way through, but even if I do have to have surgery I will be better prepared and not so afraid of the outcome because of my sessions with Anna.


Thank you so much for all your beautiful healing, I am finally feeling so much better and am astonishingly so regular, I have a happy healthy tummy!

Thanks again you are my savior. ❤️


After working days and on call at night for 4 nights in a row for the last 10 years as a paramedic my insomnia between night time call outs was terrible. When I could have been catching a few hrs sleep I was laying awake frustrated and never had any rest.

I had one treatment for that insomnia with Anna and am so amazed and pleased to say that it has now resolved and has been life changing. If I had of known about this treatment years ago I would have jumped at it. Highly recommended.


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