About Me

I grew up in Sydney, Australia. A few years after finishing school I still had not found my career of choice so ended up travelling the world for years. Upon return, I accidentally fell into a career in sales, eventually managing a company and then becoming co-director and builder of my own successful business. The money and hours were great, but something was missing – passion and purpose!

I discovered the Emotion Code whilst watching an interview with Dr Bradley Nelson on Gaia TV… I was in awe of him and the process and immediately purchased his book “The Emotion Code”. After reading the book and looking at his website I decided to become a qualified practitioner, never in my whole life would I have thought after a career in sales I would become an Energy Healer, however I do believe I saw this interview for a reason – I went with Dr Brad’s philosophy – “anyone can be a healer, it is our birthright, simply believe you can do it and be grateful that you are”. As an Emotion Code and The Body Code practitioner, I have had many many successes along the way, it is a truly humbling experience to have an amazing result with a someone’s physical or mental health which they themselves did not think possible.

I now reside in Byron Bay, Australia and plan to use the Emotion/Body Code in conjunction with the Life Coach Certificate I am in the processes of completing, many clients will benefit from both modalities whilst some will only need one or the other.

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